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DboPostgresTestDb Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 __cacheDescription ($object, $data=null)
 __filterResults (&$results, &$model, $filtered=array())
 __mergeAssociation (&$data, $merge, $association, $type)
 __mergeConditions ($query, $assoc)
 __mergeHasMany (&$resultSet, $merge, $association, &$model, &$linkModel)
 __openPersistent ($name, $type=null)
 __quoteFields ($conditions)
 __scrubQueryData (&$data)
 _execute ($sql)
 _persist ($name, $return=null, &$object, $type=null)
 _savePersistent ($name, &$object)
 _set ($properties=array())
 alterSchema ($compare, $table=null)
 begin (&$model)
 boolean ($data, $quote=true)
 boolean ($data)
 buildColumn ($column)
 buildIndex ($indexes)
 buildJoinStatement ($join)
 buildStatement ($query, $model)
 cakeError ($method, $messages)
 close ()
 column ($real)
 commit (&$model)
 conditionKeysToString ($conditions, $quoteValues=true)
 conditions ($conditions, $quoteValues=true, $where=true)
 connect ()
 create (&$model, $fields=null, $values=null)
 createSchema ($schema, $table=null)
 defaultConditions (&$model, $conditions)
 delete (&$model, $conditions=null)
 describe ($model)
describe (&$model)
 disconnect ()
 dropSchema ($schema, $table=null)
 execute ($sql)
 fetchAll ($sql, $cache=true, $modelName=null)
 fetchResult ()
 fetchRow ($sql=null)
 field ($name, $sql)
 fields (&$model, $alias=null, $fields=array(), $quote=true)
 fullTableName ($model, $quote=true)
 generateAssociationQuery (&$model, &$linkModel, $type, $association=null, $assocData=array(), &$queryData, $external=false, &$resultSet)
 generateSelfAssociationQuery (&$model, &$linkModel, $type, $association=null, $assocData=array(), &$queryData, $external=false, &$resultSet)
 getColumnType (&$model, $field)
 getEncoding ()
 getLastQuery ()
 hasAny ($model, $sql)
 index ($model)
 insertMulti ($table, $fields, $values)
 insertQueryData ($query, $data, $association, $assocData, &$model, &$linkModel, $stack)
 isConnected ()
 isInterfaceSupported ($interface)
 lastAffected ()
 lastAffected ($source=null)
 lastError ()
 lastInsertId ($source=null)
 lastInsertId ($source, $field= 'id')
 lastNumRows ()
 lastNumRows ($source=null)
 length ($real)
 limit ($limit, $offset=null)
 listSources ()
 listSources ($data=null)
 log ($msg, $type=LOG_ERROR)
 logQuery ($sql)
 name ($data)
 Object ()
 order ($keys, $direction= 'ASC')
 query ()
 queryAssociation (&$model, &$linkModel, $type, $association, $assocData, &$queryData, $external=false, &$resultSet, $recursive, $stack)
 rawQuery ($sql)
 read (&$model, $queryData=array())
 read (&$model, $queryData=array(), $recursive=null)
 reconnect ($config=null)
 renderJoinStatement ($data)
 renderStatement ($data)
 requestAction ($url, $extra=array())
 resolveKey ($model, $key)
 resolveKey ($model, $key, $assoc=null)
 resultSet (&$results)
 rollback (&$model)
 setConfig ($config)
 setEncoding ($enc)
 showLog ($sorted=false)
 showQuery ($sql)
 sources ()
 toString ()
 update (&$model, $fields=null, $values=null)
 update (&$model, $fields=array(), $values=null, $conditions=null)
 value ($data, $column=null)

Public Attributes

 $__bypass = false
 $__descriptions = array()
 $__sqlOps = array('like', 'ilike', 'or', 'not', 'in', 'between', 'regexp', 'similar to')
 $_log = null
 $_queriesCnt = 0
 $_queriesLog = array()
 $_queriesLogMax = 200
 $_queriesTime = null
 $_queryCache = array()
 $_result = null
 $_sequenceMap = array()
 $_sources = null
 $_transactionStarted = false
 $affected = null
 $alias = 'AS '
 $cacheSources = true
 $config = array()
 $configKeyName = null
 $connected = false
 $connection = null
 $debug = false
 $description = "PostgreSQL DBO Driver"
 $endQuote = '"'
 $error = null
 $fullDebug = false
 $goofyLimit = false
 $index = array('PRI'=> 'primary', 'MUL'=> 'index', 'UNI'=>'unique')
 $numRows = null
 $simulated = array()
 $startQuote = '"'
 $took = null

Detailed Description

Definition at line 42 of file dbo_postgres.test.php.

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