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TestValidate Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 __call ($method, $params, &$return)
 __call ($method, $params)
 __constructLinkedModel ($assoc, $className=null)
 __createLinks ()
 __doThread ($data, $root)
 __filterResults ($results, $primary=true)
 __generateAssociation ($type)
 __openPersistent ($name, $type=null)
 __resetAssociations ()
 __saveMulti ($joined, $id)
 __sleep ()
 __wakeup ()
 _clearCache ($type=null)
 _deleteDependent ($id, $cascade)
 _deleteLinks ($id)
 _persist ($name, $return=null, &$object, $type=null)
 _savePersistent ($name, &$object)
 _set ($properties=array())
 afterDelete ()
 afterFind ($results, $primary=false)
 afterSave ($created)
 beforeDelete ()
 beforeFind ($queryData)
 beforeSave ()
 beforeValidate ()
 bind ($model, $options, $permanent=true)
 bindModel ($params, $reset=true)
 cakeError ($method, $messages)
 call__ ($method, $params)
 create ($data=array())
 del ($id=null, $cascade=true)
 delete ($id=null, $cascade=true)
 deleteAll ($conditions, $cascade=true)
 escapeField ($field=null, $alias=null)
 execute ($data)
 exists ($reset=false)
 field ($name, $conditions=null, $order=null)
 find ($conditions=null, $fields=null, $order=null, $recursive=null)
 findAll ($conditions=null, $fields=null, $order=null, $limit=null, $page=1, $recursive=null)
 findAllThreaded ($conditions=null, $fields=null, $sort=null)
 findCount ($conditions=null, $recursive=0)
 findNeighbours ($conditions=null, $field, $value)
 generateList ($conditions=null, $order=null, $limit=null, $keyPath=null, $valuePath=null, $groupPath=null)
 getAffectedRows ()
 getAssociated ($type=null)
 getColumnType ($column)
 getColumnTypes ()
getDataSource ()
 getDisplayField ()
 getID ($list=0)
 getInsertID ()
 getLastInsertID ()
 getNumRows ()
 hasAny ($conditions=null)
 hasField ($name)
 invalidate ($field, $value=null)
 invalidFields ($data=array())
 isForeignKey ($field)
 isUnique ($fields, $or=true)
 loadInfo ()
 loadInfo ($clear=false)
 log ($msg, $type=LOG_ERROR)
 Object ()
 onError ()
 overload ()
 overload ()
 query ()
 read ($fields=null, $id=null)
 remove ($id=null, $cascade=true)
 requestAction ($url, $extra=array())
 save ($data=null, $validate=true, $fieldList=array())
 saveField ($name, $value, $validate=false)
 schema ($clear=false)
 set ($one, $two=null)
 setDataSource ($dataSource=null)
 setInsertID ($id)
 setSource ($tableName)
 toString ()
 unbindModel ($params, $reset=true)
 updateAll ($fields, $conditions=true)
 validateNumber ($value, $options)
 validates ($data=array())
 validateTitle ($title)

Public Attributes

 $__affectedRows = null
 $__associations = array('belongsTo', 'hasOne', 'hasMany', 'hasAndBelongsToMany')
 $__backAssociation = array()
 $__behaviorMethods = array()
 $__exists = null
 $__findMethods = array('all' => true, 'first' => true, 'count' => true, 'neighbors' => true)
 $__insertID = null
 $__numRows = null
 $_log = null
 $_schema = null
 $_tableInfo = null
 $actsAs = null
 $alias = array()
 $behaviors = array()
 $belongsTo = array()
 $cacheQueries = false
 $cacheSources = true
 $currentModel = null
 $data = array()
 $displayField = null
 $hasAndBelongsToMany = array()
 $hasMany = array()
 $hasOne = array()
 $id = false
 $keyToTable = array()
 $logTransactions = false
 $modelToTable = array()
 $name = 'TestValidate'
 $order = null
 $parent = false
 $primaryKey = null
 $recursive = 1
 $table = false
 $tablePrefix = null
 $tableToModel = array()
 $transactional = false
 $useDbConfig = 'default'
 $useTable = false
 $validate = array()
 $validationErrors = array()
 $whitelist = array()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 75 of file model.test.php.

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